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YWAM Philippines here is the letter our National Leadership Team sent to Kona for the gathering of school leaders called by Darlene and Danny Lehman to call for engagement in the Philippines in response to the Yolanda disaster. 

December 16, 2013

Greetings from the Philippines!

Just as the disciples called their fellow fishermen to come and help with an overwhelming catch of fish, we are calling our fellow YWAMers from around the world to come and help us in the Philippines. The needs created by Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation are immense, but the opportunity to touch hearts with God’s love and reap a great harvest is even greater. We can’t do this alone. We need your help!

One result of the disaster was that the walls of resistance to the Gospel that surrounded the Visayan Islands collapsed in a single day, much like the walls around Jericho collapsed. We believe that God has positioned YWAM in an amazing way to respond with great effectiveness at this critical time. The Visayas are often considered the “heart” of the Philippines, so this opportunity is doubly significant.

We have been amazed by the Holy Spirit’s coordination of YWAM’s response. Although communication was severely limited, our local and international teams quickly found locations as well as ways to effectively reach out to the storm victims. It soon became clear that God was leading YWAM to four strategic centers: Tacloban City, Ormoc City, Bogo City in northern Cebu Island, and northern Panay Island. From these centers we can systematically adopt and engage in rehabilitation and restoration of the smaller surrounding communities.

It has become abundantly clear that God is calling us to the long-term rebuilding of communities, both practically and spiritually. The walls are down, we are strategically positioned, and we are moving and ready to move to take full advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. 
How can you engage with us? By sending teams of all types to help us pioneer in these four key locations and from these locations engage in the rebuilding of hope among the Filipino people. We will help your teams find housing, connect with local ministries, and discover practical ways to use the many giftings God has given to our YWAM family. Here is where you can help:
· TACLOBAN – This was the largest city affected, with the greatest degree of devastation. Homes were destroyed and local commerce was wiped out. Many YWAM teams have responded, and local officials show much favor to YWAM. Work remains to be done with housing and assisting families with small business and agriculture. We are pioneering a permanent location in Tacloban, and plan to run an international Relief-Focus DTS in 2014. We have a local leader for this proposed DTS but would need international staff and leaders to partner with us in pioneering this school! This location will also serve as a center for ministry in Palo, Tanauan, Dulag, and Southern Samar. Would you join us in this? (PS – We are also beginning to consider a U of N campus that would specialize in Relief and Development.) 
· ORMOC – This city and surrounding communities also suffered large-scale damage to homes, but some basic commerce remained. Teams like RescueNet, Crisis Response International, and MercyWorks have taken initiative here. It is also a key city in the area, and we want to pioneer a permanent YWAM base here as well. Would you help us continue what has begun?
· BOGO and BANTAYAN ISLAND – Located at the northern end of Cebu Island, these scattered communities and islets lost an estimated 95% of their homes. Rebuilding is the primary work right now. We plan to establish a permanent operating location in this area, probably Bogo, for continued relief and outreach. There’s always room for more in the islands!
· NORTHERN PANAY ISLAND – Communities like Estancia, Aklan Province, and Kalibo were also in the typhoon’s path and hit heavily. In Estancia, houses and fishing boats were wrecked, and with them, local transportation and livelihood. YWAM teams, especially from Korea, have partnered with YWAM Iloilo to rebuild homes and especially schools. YWAM plans to pioneer a permanent base in Northern Panay, probably Roxas City. Do you want to be part of this pioneering work?

Here are some helpful hints for teams that plan to come:
1. Communities are in various stages of rebuilding. Be prepared to sleep on floors, and to bring your own food into the relief areas. Our “staging areas” like Iloilo and Cebu have markets, but Tacloban does not yet. You may need food that does not require cooking, at least for a few days. Some areas have no electricity yet. Our local bases can help you with up-to-date information.
2. The best visa for the Philippines is the 59-day visa. Extensions cost US$220 per person. 
3. Be prepared to serve, and be prepared for a LOT of interaction with people. 
4. Korean teams seem to be especially fruitful in Iloilo/Estancia, but are welcome everywhere!
5. Internet has limited/no availability in affected areas. Cellphone service is available in most.
6. The YWAM Cebu staff is taking a break from December 27 to January 6 and will not be able to facilitate teams or transport during that time. This team of champions and servants has been in disaster relief mode since the Oct. 15 earthquake. They need a break before they break down!
7. The Cebu IWT team is likewise taking a break December 23 to 29 for the same reasons.
Your teams can join some of our other “non-typhoon” locations around the nation for a couple of weeks as well. God is at work throughout the country, and we don’t want to miss any of it!

You can contact our Visayan outreach locations as follows:
TACLOBAN: YWAM Antipolo at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >; Liliosa Plaza at +63 917 715 0532; or Mitch Metzger at +63 919 450 6438; for Dulag area Michael Casey at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
ORMOC: YWAM Cebu at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >; Lucille Hapa at +63 908 982 2761
BANTAYAN ISLAND / BOGO: same as Ormoc; YWAM Cebu at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >; Lucille Hapa at +63 908 982 2761 also Israel Garcia at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > and +63 928 319 4157; Shawn Maragni at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > and +63 928 503 7596
NORTHERN PANAY / ESTANCIA: YWAM Iloilo, Lucy Cho at < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

The response of the nations in time of great need has deeply touched the hearts of Filipinos. This alone has brought hope to many, and the nation is deeply grateful. It is a “God moment” for the Philippines. Come and join with us as we respond together in a united, strategic, Spirit-led response to this great need. 

In compassion and love for the Filipino people,
Douglas Sharpe
and the YWAM Philippines National Leadership Team


 Dec. 01 Monday from YWAM Philippines

More of our teams are beginning to help typhoon victims by distributing tools and helping rebuild homes and schools. However, since commerce and income sources were also devastated, people are still dependent on basic relief supplies for survival. This will continue for quite some time, until agriculture and commerce is re-established. Bodies are still being recovered, and there is still a large number of missing. There is less typhoon-related critical medical work, and more of the normal chronic cases. Ormoc still has some functional commerce, and will remain an important part of the "lifeline" in Leyte.

We still appreciate your continuing support of YWAM's relief work in the Visayan Islands as we continue to help others rebuild their lives, both physically and spiritually.

AKLAN: A team from YWAM Balut is distributing relief packages and helping rebuild homes.

ESTANCIA, ILOILO PROV.: A second team from YWAM Korea is assisting people with rebuilding homes, and YWAM Tuen Mun has distributed relief packages and a large amount of donated new clothing.

BANTAYAN ISLAND: The IWT Philippines team of four is assisting islanders with rebuilding their homes. Tools and building materials (nails and corrugated roofing) needed!

ORMOC: Crisis Response Int'l has two teams rotating out/in this week, 7 people involved in water purification and rebuilding. MercyWorks from YWAM Texas has also ministered here.

TACLOBAN: Teams continue their cellphone charging centers, evangelism, and assisting with relief distribution and cleanup. This weekend all teams except the original "trailblazing" team (Antipolo SOE) rotated out. The SOE team departs on Dec 7, and is planning for continued YWAM ministry in Tacloban. They are close to closing a deal on a rental house in Tacloban for the next four months. They also get use of a free multi-cab vehicle for as long as we need it beginning in January. They expect a Hawaii team (10) Dec 6-10; Manila team (5-7) Dec 15-21; Manila team (19) Jan-Mar; Finland team (10) Feb.

TANAUAN: Impact Nations has a team of two here. RescueNet also operated an emergency medical field center immediately after the crisis began.

DULAG: Twenty eight people from YWAM Mindanao heads up to eastern Leyte on Dec 5 with a 40-ft container of relief supplies and building materials. They will focus their efforts on Dulag, a town severely damaged but which so far has received little aid.

Saturday, Nov. 30 from YWAM Cebu

The Mexican team left after two months of outreach here in the Philippines. They have been a big blessing. They helped with the earthquake relief in Bohol and the Typhoon Haiyan relief in Northern Cebu. Two of the team members; (DTS Students) Erin and Lisa decided to stay for two weeks more to continue to help the the relief work. They will leave for Ormoc this morning to join the Crisis Response Int'l team. They are bringing the pump and the hose for the team in Tacloban. Please remember them in your prayers. 
Tom Maxwell and VJ Macapobre will be back from Tacloban this afternoon. 

David and James from Impact nations are in Tanauan, Leyte with their water filters. 

We have a team from PLMC Singapore here. They are helping our base ministry in the slums, prison and in the hospital while we are busy with the relief work and hosting teams.They are a great blessing.

Friday evening, Nov 29 from YWAM Philippines

The first batch of Tool Kits arrived today and the YWAM team began distributing them to those whose homes were destroyed so that rebuilding could begin.

In Tacloban, thousands of people were in the residential areas salvaging usable material and hauling debris out to the streets for disposal. Morale is high in downtown Tacloban, while those outside the city center play the waiting game. The team is also searching for permanent housing to serve as a continuing base for work after Dec 7. This week, 28 people will depart and one will be arriving, leaving the Tacloban team with 7 people until more teams arrive in mid-December.

In other areas, basic relief distribution and reconstruction of houses and schools continues. RescueNet and Crisis Response Int'l, both YWAM International-related, are still involved in medical work and deployment of water purifiers.


Thursday morning, Nov 28 from YWAM Philippines
***The first batch of 200 hammers and 200 saws is on it's way to Tacloban today. Lingling Plaza says, " I had contact with one evacuation center with 41 families who are all waiting for tool kits so they can begin rebuilding their houses." A tool kit will be 1 hammer, 1 saw, 1 crowbar, 1 measuring tape, and 3kg/6lbs of nails. Cost is about US$15 each. There is a lot of scrap lumber from wrecked house available to use for rebuilding. See information below if you would like to donate.

***YWAM Mindanao is preparing to make another relief distribution trip to Eastern Leyte in early December. Contact them at  < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > for more info.

****YWAM Cebu received a container full of relief supplies on Tuesday. They will be organizing and preparing these for distribution. The team is
making continuous trips to Bantayan Island for relief and reconstruction.

***While waiting for the tool kits, the Tacloban team is helping local residents rebuild houses, and in some cases demolish those that
cannot be repaired. The team continues the regular distribution of relief packages, and has begun operating cellphone charging stations at
key locations. This keeps local people in contact with friends and family, and creates a social activity to reestablish a sense of community. The 
team evangelizes during this time, as does film showings in the evacuation centers in the evenings.

DONATION INFO: If you would like to donate toward tool kits, or for general typhoon relief work, you may go to, click on the donate tab, and designate your gift for "YWAM Philippine tool kits" or for "YWAM Cebu typhoon relief". Or, you may send a wire transfer to:
Youth With A Mission (YWAM)
Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) - Navotas Branch 
US Dollar Savings: 4654-0010-01 SWIFT CODE: BOPIPHMM
YWAM's street address: 2439 Yangco St., Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila

Canadian donors may give through YWAM's Project Funding Office in BC.  The internet link is
Be sure to designate the gift for: 


Tuesday evening, Nov 26 from YWAM Philippines
It is 18 days since Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck the central Phlippines. Teams arriving on the scene still use the words "unimaginable" and "shocking" to describe the damage. Relief work overs the entire spectrum - rebuilding efforts have begun in some areas, while others still need food and water just to survive.

TACLOBAN - Lingling Plaza described the highway from Ormoc to Tacloban: you see houses destroyed on the side of the road, and families
pleading desperately for assistance as they watch truck after truck of relief goods drive by on their way to Tacloban. The call now is for HAMMERS and SAWS to equip residents of the evacuation centers to begin rebuilding their homes. The goal: outfit 4000 families with "building kits" of hammers, saw, crowbar, and nails. Lumber from their former houses is plentiful, they just need tools to make use of it. A kit is about $15 or $20. The problem is, the materials need to be found and shipped in from other cities. Generators and chainsaws just arrived, so the team will begin to 
focus on their cell phone charging centers, film showings in the evacuation centers, and distribution of building kits.

from ESTANCIA, Northern Iloilo-SFI (Serving Friends International from YWAM Korea) will begin to repair roofless classrooms at Estancia Central Elementary school. SFI is also recruiting from Carpentry School (U of N). YWAM ILOILO's work in Estancia is going well with local people.
Repair has begun on the roofless church and the solar panel is working well at the daycare center. I thank God for the joy and strength to live for Him. (Lucy Eun Bok Cho)

from CEBU CITY - The past few days, YWAM Cebu has had 11 teams that have come/gone/stayed/slept/are still there. The base continues to
be a staging and preparation area for relief teams.


Friday evening, Nov 22 from YWAM Philippines
Our best count is there are now 124 people on 14 YWAM-related teams working in typhoon rescue and relief. Seven more teams with 35 people will join the work within the next week.

YWAM MINDANAO TEAM (Eastern Leyte): pdate from Michael: Distributed goods for 1200 families in four barangays along the east coast of Leyte and did wound care too. Assisted with recovery of victims in Tacloban. Right now the team is on its way back to MIndanao for rest and to replenish supplies before returning to Leyte on December 7. Just so shocked -the amount of destruction and loss of life is unimaginable.

YWAM ILOILO TEAM (Northern Panay/Estancia):  Korean team just departed to return home. Another team expected by next week.

YWAM CEBU FRONTIER MISSIONS TEAM: is travelling to Ormoc and Tacloban tomorrow (Saturday) to work with Douglas Donathan, whose house still floods when it rains, but who goes out and ministers anyway.

YWAM CEBU: is presently facilitating 10 teams, a total of 84 people, who travel in/out/through the base as they come and go to the affected 

YWAM ANTIPOLO SOE (in Tacloban) Report from Mitch:Today our 6 solar powered lights and cell chargers arrived! We can charge 10 flashlights and up to 60 cell phones for our team. We are expecting 35 to 40 YWAMers to arrive this weekend. We also received a case of medicines, slippers, and 15 water filters! All of this was freely donated. On Sunday, our two generators arrive. One was purchased with donated money and the other generator was given to us. We have two plans: provide power to charge large numbers of cell phones in key points of the city and provide power for our evangelistic film showings every evening in the evacuation centers. We plan to reach 10 of the 30 centers in the city, thats 2000 families or 15,000 individuals. On a much more sober note, Mitch recovered 6 fatalities from the rubble. Five of them were one family. The mother was still holding one of her two kids in her arms.

Other teams involved: YWAM Korea, Crisis Reponse International, RescueNet US, RescueNet SIngapore, Mercy Works, YWAM Baguio, YWAM Mexico, Vision Help International Care, YWAM Palawan

Note: While keeping these teams in prayer, take time to give thanks to the Lord for His many wonderful blessings that we enjoy and
too often take for granted. And let your family know how much you love 
them and how much they mean to you. 


Thursday noon, Nov 21  from YWAM Philippines

From Douglas Donithan in TANAUAN / ORMOC - Generators are needed, water pump to drain water. There are no vehicles to transport food and aid to remote places. Can anyone get truck here to deliver supplies and teams? Many places outside of cities get no aid.

From Michael Casey in Dulag, EASTERN LEYTE - YWAM Mindanao Response Team arrived Leyte on Monday. Staying in a Bible school building in a place called Dulag. Will go to Burauen and other places located before Tacloban. No access of communication in these places - if they want to update us they need to travel for 3 hours. We will know their updates when they come back to Surigao. Thank you and blessings!

Baguio Team is looking for chain saws for continued rescue and clearing work. So far, eleven stores in Cebu and zero/wala/awan/nada.

Becoming difficult to find generators in Cebu now, also.

Where our YWAM teams are working:

TACLOBAN: YWAM Antipolo SOE, RescueNet, YWAM Antipolo DTS (Nov 24)
ORMOC / TANAUAN: Crisis Relief Int'l, Douglas Donithan, YWAM Cebu (Nov 23)
BUSUANGA / CORON: YWAM Palawan (Nov 26)

Note: These teams move around and new ones come in regularly.


Thursday evening, Nov 21 from YWAM Philippines
Tacloban info and Ormoc update

SITUATION: There are 4,196 families (19,874 individuals) in 30 evacuation centers in Tacloban. 9 evacuation centers were already closed, which is good news. Tomorrow, the YWAM team expects a large solar power system to arrive and smaller ones for the team. This is expected to charge multiple phones in key locations in the city. Sunday, 20 volunteers are expected to arrive with generator and film shooting equipment. The team plans to set up two charging stations with evangelism to as many as 50 persons at a time. By Tuesday, they plan to begin evangelistic film showings in the evenings in at least 15 of the 30 evacuation centers. During relief operations, the team recovered 26 fatalities, and another 300 in conjunction with government rescue teams. Tonight, the team hosts three photographers from an international media team (including National Geographic). Tomorrow, the team travels to Ormoc to replenish their food supply and connect to the internet (and upload photos). This advance team will return to Manila on Dec 7.

Bring your own food. No cooking and no electricity. There is water for bath and laundry. Drinking water is filled at the AFP purifier every few days. Bring sleeping gear for the floor. Phone batteries are charged at the legislative building when they turn on their generator. There are apples and bananas for sale at the bus terminal. Bring your own cellphone load - no prepaid cards available. No banks, no ATMs. Two gasoline stations open sometimes. Tacloban airport is open; buses to Tacloban from Catbalogan, Ormoc, and Liloan, less than PHP200. Local trikes are few, PHP50 to PHP150 each. City curfew 8pm to 5am. Police everywhere. Groceries and internet are available in Catbalogan or Ormoc. (from Mitch)

Douglas Donithan writes "The house is flooded, the pump is for pumping water out not in. Just finished with ministry. Our house has no roof on it and its raining all night so water comes in. Pouring rain here now. I never saw such destruction."


Wednesday evening, November 20 from YWAM Philippines

1) Tacloban airport open to commercial traffic
2) YWAM relief focus areas are shaping up to be:
- Estancia, (extreme northeast Panay Island)
- Bogo (northern Cebu) and Bantayan Island
- Tacloban
- Ormoc
- Possibly Palompon and Tanauan (Leyte)
- Possibly Coron Island (northern Palawan)
3) I counted 12 to 15 YWAM-related teams involved
4) Church networks are excellent for news about needs
5) In Iloilo, neighbors come to help with cooking for the YWAM teams coming in to help, since there are only two staff now.

Staff and team from YWAM Korea focus on Estancia, most affected town in northeast Panay island. Needs are food, water, medicines (kids have fever, colds, diarrhea), and building materials. Local officials request builders from outside the area to help encourage locals get started - the
locals are overwhelmed from losing all and being faced with enormous piles of debris. Difficult to reach affected nearby islands since boats were destroyed in the storm. Fishermen needs new boats to resume livelihood. Great news - carpentry team from China trying to come. Also, only two staff on Iloilo base but neighbors come to help with cooking for the teams coming in. Contact Lucy Eun Bok Cho at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Palawan team plans to do relief work in Coron Island from Nov 30 to Dec 3. Contact Barbie Calo

"Stand Up Tacloban" signs are appearing in the city. Metro Manila Development Authority crews are doing massive and rapid cleanup. Airport open to commercial traffic. Security is good. No electricity, no groceries, and sometimes no water. Can be carried from a distant pump. YWAM team given responsibility for retrieving fatalities in certain parts of the city. Team from YWAM Antipolo arrives Sunday with generator and some supplies, will stay one week. The present team of five departs Tacloban Dec 7. Team from YWAM Hawaii comes Dec 6-20.

ORMOC has one or two teams from YWAM's Crisis Relief Int'l.

RescueNet is in Leyte, see their website for more information.

Teams from VHIC (YWAM-related), the YWAM Mexico DTS, YWAM Baguio and YWAM Cebu are traveling regularly to the northern end of Cebu to the towns of Bogo and Bantayan Island. Church networks are especially good for local contact, information, and local volunteers.

We are hearing more and more requests for building materials. This may indicate that the situation is beginning to turn from immediate emergency assistance to the task of rebuilding homes and communities. This will still take months.

YWAM Balut Team (From: Chona Ariaga) We traveled the relief goods by bus then by boat. We traveled 18 hours. Aklan province has no electricity until now. Praise God the water supply went back the day before we arrived. The people there was so blessed when they received the relief goods. They were encouraged when they saw us came, the team from Manila. Some even cried when they received the blessings from the Lord. We  handed out bags of groceries to 244 families in 10 remote villages. As we're giving away goods, many of them cried because we were the first team who came to attend to their needs. We encouraged, shared God's word and prayed for them. We helped them cut and clean some of uprooted trees that blocked the way and fell on some houses using a bolo (machete). The main problem now is how they will rebuild their houses. From where are they going to start? As we came back in Manila, our hearts were heavy seeing them homeless. At night it was raining. So they need to make a temporary roof (which would still allow the rain to pass through). So we are coming back this coming November 25 until 30. It’s easier to go back now since the airports are back to their operation. We will come back to help them rebuild their house and give them more relief goods. We are praying to bring chain saw, if we can buy one or if there is somebody here in Manila that can lend us. The trees that are uprooted can be made into lumbers. We are also planning to reach Roxas and  Capiz province that are also part of the Panay Island. 


Monday, Nov 18 evening from YWAM Philippines
BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE _ A BIG SHOUT-OUT TO YWAM MEXICO's DTS TEAM!! They came for outreach - and ended up in Disaster Relief after the Bohol Earthquake, then Disaster relief again following Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. We love you!

AND ANOTHER SHOUT-OUT TO YWAM CEBU!! Does everyone realize that our YWAM family in Cebu is in their FOURTH WEEK of Disaster Relief? They were assisting in Bohol Earthquake work for 2-3 weeks before Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hit. 

HIGHLIGHTS: 1) Panay / YWAM Iloilo - focus on Estancia 2) Ormoc City - 2 teams back in Cebu with report 3) YWAM Cebu - several teams in transit to/from affected areas 4) YWAM Mindanao team brings two vehicles to Eastern Leyte tomorrow 5) Manila SOE team distributes relief, assists locating and retrieving fatalities 6) ALL IN NEED OF MORE WORKERS

PANAY - (from Lucy of YWAM Iloilo) encouraging to see how YWAMer and our friends work together for Philippines! and I am ready to trip to Estancia tomorrow. I've been there yesterday, it is worst, worst, worst, worst in panay.. I and Andrea(our staff) will go and stay with the team from Korea until Friday for fixing roofless church, giving relief food, encouraging people, researching small islands where no one visits yet and having children ministry etc and I am very thankful to our Brgy. friends who willing to help packing up, though we are two staff, but we have many friends and Pastors group in Iloilo helps us. Praise the Lord!^^ Pray for our safe trip and meaningful time!

ORMOC - (from Lucille in YWAM Cebu) Crisis Relief Int'l together with 2 of our staff came back from Ormoc City this afternoon. The place was badly devastated by the super typhoon and very few relief reach there. The team was able to minister to 33 Pastors with their presence and encourage the church members with the 1,000 relief goods they brought that ease their hunger. There are 20 more people from CRI who are are coming tomorrow. Sean, the leader of the team felt that the Lord is leading them to focus in Ormoc City for their time here in the Philippines. He said, the place is very strategic for a YWAM base.

CEBU - YWAM Cebu has 7 teams either coming or going to affected areas. RescueNet, Crisis Relief Int'l (CRI), YWAM Mexico DTS, Vision Helps Int'l Care (VHIC), YWAM Baguio, Korea, and Mercy Works are there now, and teams from Korea, Hawaii, Singapore, and Pennsylvania are coming within a few weeks. Vision Help International together with the Mexican DTS outreach team and the base staff packed 1,000 relief goods, sacks of rice, hygiene kits and water jugs in Mandaue Assembly of God today. They will head for Northern Cebu tomorrow.
It's good to have Danny Visitacion our friend from Mercy works dropped by this morning to partner with us.
A surprised visit from the FCM staff from YWAM ATC was an encouragement. Thank Ate Rose Galano and Rose Parcon.
We just found out yesterday that there are a lot evacuees here in Cebu from Samar and Leyte. They are staying in 4 different evacuation Centers here. We will be doing feeding program next week and share the love of Jesus.
Please continue to pray for us as serve the people from different organizations/nations in our base. We are a full house. Praise God for His grace.
The Lord is building a church with out walls. Disaster brought the people of God together. Every tongue, every tribe, every nation is bringing glory to God as we unite ourselves to serve people in need and who needs a lot of comfort in tnis time of calamity.

MINDANAO - Their team heads to Eastern Leyte with two vehicles of relief goods.

TACLOBAN - (from Mitch Metzger, YWAM Antipolo SOE) Sunday, male team members assisted with the grim task of locating fatalities and loading them on vehicles to be taken for burial. Heartbreakingly, victims included the old, small children, and a pregnant mother. The female team members located a house that may serve as a long-term base of operations. On Monday, Sarah Jane, Shyne, and five other volunteers were overwhelmed by their assigned task - distributing an entire dump truck load of relief goods in San Jose, Tacloban. Thousands of packages and only seven volunteers. The people asked for water, water, water. The wells are dirty and there is no city water yet. The men on the team continued with retrieval of bodies - more than 300. There was frustration as arriving relief workers were eager to help in all ways, but organizers seemed to have difficulty... organizing. (PS - John edited Mitch's comments on that point a little bit/lot) 


Sunday, Nov 17 morning from YWAM Philippines
Highlights: 1) Tacloban team needs vehicle, water purifier, small generator 2) YWAM Iloilo urgently needs people to help facilitate teams

****TACLOBAN: (from Mitch and SOE team) - We have large safe housing at Ritz Tower near legislative building. Water plentiful but has to be carried by bucket from across the street. Need large purifier to avoid buying drinking water unless we contact relief suppliers for bottled water. No groceries in city to buy. Get lots of food in Catbalogan before coming in. Bring your own food. If you have a vehicle you can do a lot, but no guarantee of fuel in Tacloban. Lots of fuel in Catbalogan, 107km from Tacloban. Best to fuel up in Catbalogan between 1am and 4am when there are no lines. Fill reserve containers of fuel as well when you get it. Some trikes in Tacloban, PHP50 per person. Mayor says lots of relief at airport but not enough people to distribute it. Can do much if we have a vehicle. Teams: Please bring vehicle. Small generator would be helpful for charging phones and night light. (Note from JP - Previous message said cell signal available, Globe is strongest. Laptop connection through Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo, or cellphone portable hotspot.) Team seeking to establish ongoing operation location for long-term. 

****ILOILO: (from Lucy Eun Bok Cho, YWAM Iloilo) Yes, absolutely, we need water purifiers. YWAM Korea mercy ministry team will arrive here next Tuesday early morning then I will bring them to Estancia where is the worst affected place in Panay for fixing houses and giving relief food etc., and YWAM Taiwan will come as soon as they get the ticket. We are are now only two staff including me, because all of our team is in Thailand for outreach and come back here on Dec 7. The ticket they have can't be refunded. We need strength and wisdom to manage, arrange and work with them! ( I am also working with Christian ministry groups here) Thank for all supporting words and prayers!

Contact Lucy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +63919 687 9089


Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 from YWAM Cebu

Welcome back YWAM DTS Mexico team! The team from Vision Help International arrived last night and more coming tomorrow. The team from Bantayan Island arrived last night. The place is very depressed, 95% of the houses were destroyed. There is so much need in the place to rebuild houses and rebuild lives. The CRI team together with two YWAM Cebu staff arrived in Ormoc City yesterday. No food, water and electricity. The place is like a ghost town and the smell of dead bodies is everywhere. Lord have mercy! 

Many people from Samar and Leyte evacuated here in Cebu.They are in 4 different evacuation centers in the city. Starting next week we will have feeding program. We will be cooking lunch for them. Praying that this simple act of kindness will touch their hearts and lead them to Jesus.


Friday AM, Nov 15, 2013 from YWAM Philippines

****The YWAM IWT team from Cebu arrived at Bantayan Island and distributed relief packages to 200+ people. The team reports that Bantayan itself received moderate damage, but the surrounding islets were severely affected. The road from Cebu city to Northern Cebu is okay.

**** A second team from YWAM Cebu departed this morning, also for Bantayan, also with relief packages.

**** The RescueNet team left Cebu City yesterday and is now in Tacloban City. They traveled on an Australian international relief flight. No further update on them yet.

**** The CRI team from Hawaii and the VHIC team (led by John Aust) will travel by boat to Leyte Island (Palompon) Saturday, then make their way to areas on Leyte's western shore.

**** YWAM Iloilo and YWAM Balut both had teams in Aklan Province.  YWAM Iloilo is continuing to pack relief food for Aklan Province.

**** The YWAM SOE team with Mitch Metzger arrived by land at Matnog pier (southern end of Luzon Island) early this morning. The line for the ferry from Luzon to Samar Island is "walang hanggan" (endless). The team is awaiting a confirmation text from the vice-mayor of Tacloban for the "ok" to enter Tacloban. If the team is not cleared to enter, they will stay in Catbalogan for a few days. There are still reports of safety concerns in Tacloban.



YWAM Cebu is now the center for coordinating YWAM relief efforts in the Visayas for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

A team from YWAM Cebu and Impact World Tour will travel to Bantayan Island, in northern Cebu on Friday, November 15, 2013, to do initial relief work/supply distribution and survey.  Bantayan Island is one of the islands devastated by the typhoon.

RescueNet (YWAM's relief arm) arrived in Cebu last November 12, 2013.  They will do local assistance in the Cebu area for two days, then plan to head to northern Cebu/Bantayan.

YWAM Cebu staff and RescueNet team members also went to Palompon, Leyte last week to survey the damage in the town as well as in other nearby towns.   

John Aust with Vision Help International Care team (affiliated with YWAM) will arrive in Cebu on Saturday, November 16, 2013 with relief supplies.  The team will travel to Leyte and focus on Ormoc City.   

Contact YWAM Cebu through Lucille Hapa
Mobile No.: +639089822761
Landline No.: 063 32 2728905 
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mitch Metzger with a team from YWAM Antipolo is travelling to Southern Samar and Tacloban and will stay in the area for 20 days starting on November 15, 2013.  They will try to cover the following towns/areas:  Matnog, Calbayog, Catbalogan, Tacloban, Basay, Borongan, Hernani, Guiuan and Homonhon and Victory Islands.  

Contact Mitch Metzger through mobile numbers: +63 919 450 6438 (Smart)
                                                                    and +63 922 371 1585 (Sun)


YWAM Iloilo and World Mission is working with Christian Ministerial Groups in Iloilo to help people affected by the typhoon in Capiz and Aklan Provinces in Northern Iloilo. 

Contact YWAM Iloilo/Lucy Cho through mobile number: +639196879089


From Mindanao

YWAM Mindanao Relief Team led by Michael Casey will meet in Surigao City on Monday, November 18, 2013 and ferry to Leyte Island.    

Contact Michael Casey through email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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For giving to YWAM Philippines: Please send a follow up email with deposit information to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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